Tequila Nom Number List Tequila Nom Number ListAs the winner of the Best of Class Silver/Gold (unaged) Tequila award, Ocho Plata bested 110 other tequilas to take home. The World’s Highest Rated Tequila Distilleries. Los Cabos Tequila Silver Read Full Review. UN 3065: Alcoholic beverages. Costco Kirkland Liquor: Who Makes the Kirkland. In the case of mezcal, Mexico’s Consejo Regulador del Mezcal (CRM) regulates production NOMs. Our propietary matching algorithm uses. Exporting items for sale to Mexico involves a compliance and safety process that must be followed meticulously or delays could occur. Where the Tequila Aficionado NOM list, released monthly in Tequila Aficionado Magazine, is organized by brand name, this NOM list is organized by NOM number. View reviews and ratings on all NOM 1518 Tequilas and other types. This is a list of tequilas, including some of the many brands of tequila, both current and former. Tequila- Additive Free list 5-2023. 1129 Northern Blvd, Suite 312 Manhasset, NY 11030. all tequila bottles will have a “NOM” number on them referring to the distillery they were produced at. Tierra Sagrada Añejo Tequila (Half-Gallon) Tierra Sagrada. Price range: $ 45-55 (750 ml) 1921 is the least exciting tequila in the 1921 line up. Most recently updated with the 10/2/2023 CRT release. To be classed as Tequila this has to be a minimum of 51%, meaning. This blend combines Clase Azul Tequila Plata, a special reposado tequila matured in first-use French oak casks, and an extra añejo aged in American whiskey casks and finished in sherry casks. Depending on the varietal, it takes 5–25 years for the plant to reach maturity. The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (Tequila Regulatory Council) reported 1377 registered domestically bottled brands from 150 producers as of November 2. Location : Ojo de Agua de Latillas, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) , Email Tequila Matchmaker members, enter the email with your account. Don Julio Blanco Tequila (750 ml). Avion is produced at the Productos Finos de Agave distillery (NOM 1416) in the town of Jesús María in the Jalisco Highlands. The flavors are rich yet balanced, making it great to sip neat. This number, also known as the Crt, is used to identify a computer. Sauza 100 Anos Tequila Blanco Hot. Nom 1468 Grupo Tequilero Mexico, S. net January 03, 2021 4761 1 1 0 0. The Importance of Updating Your Telemarketer Call List Regularly. How Do I Reverse Lookup a Phone Number?. These are available at local libraries or through the publish. Kirkland tequila comes from the Mexican state of Jalisco. Official Mexican Standard) number, indicating which distillery it came from and designating it a true product of Mexico. net March 07, 2007 30848 0 1 0 1. Astral tequila NOM 1607 : r/tequila. NOMs, or Norma Oficial Mexicana, is a four-digit code that you can find on the back of any tequila bottle. On the menu are dishes such as loaded yucca fries with roasted pineapple; green chili chicken; 14-ounce bone-in pork chop glazed with a 6-hour mole; and guacamole prepared tableside. Don Teco Tequila Plata Read Full Review. El NOM 1122 de Tequila Cuervo está asociado a dos decenas de marcas. With an overwhelming number of television channels and shows available today, finding out what’s on TV tonight can be quite a challenge. This is a great time for blanco tequila lovers, with a number of excellent, additive-free choices in the market. March 27, 2017 Update Brands Listed: 1398 New Brands Added: 1 Brands Dropped: 4 Brands Returned: 3 Other List Updates: BRUVADO - Duplicate Entry Added at Existing distillery - NOM 1472 HERENCIA MEXICANA - Duplicate Entry Added at Second distillery - NOM 1465 in addition to NOM 1586 KAH - Duplicate Entry Added at Existing distillery - …. Get the NOM Conformity Certificate from CRT. All 100% agave tequilas must have a NOM identifier on the bottle. 9 years and 6 months aged! Number Juan XA is far better than these 6 year and 85th Anniversary releases. (Devin Berko) Spending four years in re-toasted American Oak whiskey barrels. If it’s a flavored tequila, the flavor will also be on the front label. Bearing bore diameter could be calculated by considering the last two digits of bearing number. Aroma: A bourbonesque mix of spice and caramel, with some alcohol, quite nice actually. 1800 Tequila is a Mexican brand of tequila owned by the Beckmann family, who also own the Jose Cuervo tequila brand. Earn up to 5% back on this product with Caskers Rewards. Popular Tequila Brands Directory List. For example bearing 1200, will have bore diameter 10 mm. #78 of the top 118 distilleries Campari Mexico, S. Nom 1477 Tequilera Puerta de Hierro (Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero) #25 of the top 118 distilleries Other NOM numbers made here: 1600. The four-digit numbers on the back of every bottle of tequila are referred to as NOMs. Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) and carry a NOM number (Norma Oficial Mexicana) on each bottle's label identifying the distillery. Tequila Cuervo (NOM: 1104). El Jimador Silver Tequila — is a tequila, filled with fruity and spicy citrus flavors with herbal notes. net July 13, 2007 96263 0 2 0 15. How Patrón Tequila is made. Flavor: Flat, thin, very little flavor, alcohol with some slight caramel sweetness. Either way, these are tasty additions that are going to increase your clout and understanding of tequila. Memes and image macros and all manner of shitposts belong elsewhere. A faint undercurrent of hay, farm and wet earth. Sip and experience the taste of those aromas. Tequila Crash Course – Part V: Tasting the Blancos. 94 The Tequila: Hailing from NOM 1579, Destileria El Pandillo, and produced by four-generation (hence the name) master distiller Felipe. In short, the NOM ensures the protection of the Appelation of Origin, regulates production, and continually establishes standards required to ensure. They make several different brands of tequila. Flavor profile does it job in providing the singularity of a blended blanco and an aged expression. In Search of the Blue Agave: Tequila's Laws. Why Businesses Should List Their Phone Numbers in Telephone Directories. Casino Azul Tequila Limited Edition Hot. Who Really Makes Costco's Kirkland Brand Tequila?. Corzo Silver 100% Agave Tequila NOM-1487 CRT Read Full Review. Each bottle of 100% blue agave tequila must carry the NOM of the distillery where it was produced. 10 facts on the bottle that help you recognize authentic tequila. Negus – wine (often port wine), mixed with hot water, oranges or lemons, spices, and sugar. But while the margarita is sweet and sour, the paloma is citrusy with a subtler sweetness and a more savory complexity. Location : Arandas, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Nom 1143 Destiladora Gonzalez Gonzalez, S. Allowed limits for quality and treatments to which water must be subjected to. Load, transport, storage together is allowed under restrictions. Shop now to embrace your good moments with our exclusive tequila collections! Fall Special | Free shipping on orders $125+ ($50+ for Vault members) Fall Special | Free shipping on orders $125+ (833) 750-0722. This is a good starter tour to see the process of tequila as done by the newer destilleries. The paloma and the margarita share a number of ingredients: tequila, lime, salt. Location : Jesus Maria, Jalisco , Region : Email Tequila Matchmaker members, enter the email with your account. A NOM is a number used to indicate the distillery in which the tequila is made. Nose is primarily sweet and caramel, with a slight acrid acetone note as well. 85 Panel; 82 Community + My Rating $ 61. Patron Tequila: In Command Of Its Destiny. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different. Nom 1596 Casa Tequilera Herencia de Los Altos, S. 90 (5) 3 Amigos Tequila Blanco Organic Hot. com/2022/06/01/tequila-nom-list-june-2022/. Fuenteseca is made at Tequilena (NOM 1146), a contract Tequila manufacturer in the town. The distillery has aNOM of 1492. Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours 12194 Ventura Boulevard Los Angeles CA 91604 United States +18187615376 Highland Park Flask. Tequila vs Mezcal Los Siete Mezcal Personalised Gin Perfect Measure Sets Spirits Gifts Top 10 Vermouths Wine & Champagne Wine & Champagne A-Z of Wine & Champagne New Wine & Champagne Special Offers Top 10 Wines Top 10 Champagnes Top 10 Ports Cocktail recipes. The company is named for its founder, Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, who began to distill Tequila in 1942, at the age of 17. Telephone number directories are an invaluable resource for both businesses and individuals. There are four total categories of additives according to the Consejo Regulador. net February 17, 2012 74576 0 3 0 33. This is one of multiple bottles on this list that proves Espadín is so much more than a “workhorse” variety, and that viewing mezcal as “smoky tequila. It’s called a “Norma Oficial Mexicana,” or more commonly known as a “NOM,” which is a number assigned by the Mexican government that corresponds to the. The NOM on tequila bottles gives information about the distillery that produced that specific bottle. NJ restaurants: Tequila bar and a breakfast place to try. Look at it as a taste comparison. 1800 Antigua Reserva Anejo 100% Agave Tequila NOM. So, if you find an old bottle, you can still search its NOM number to see where it was made. Quantity: More payment options. Ingredients: Tequila is made from the fermented juice of the agave plant. NOM Distillery Region Active Brands Status; Nom 1079 Agabe Tequilana …. Location : Jesus Maria, Jalisco , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. However, tequila is produced in Tequila and its vicinity from Agave tequilana Weber var. Grading and Ratings; RATINGS PAGE 1 Scores are rounded to the nearest hole number. #102 of the top 118 distilleries Destileria Leyros, S. Tequilaria Don Roberto (NOM 1437); Don Roberto, 88 Eighty Eight, Huizache, Tanteo, Señor Frog's, plus 7 other brands. Many tequilas are made in the. Each NOM corresponds to a specific tequila distillery that has met strict government standards for production and distillation. #53 of the top 118 distilleries Tequilera Tap, S. 1) NOM 1493 ( Tequila Los Abuelos) 2) NOM 1579 ( El Pandillo) 3) NOM 1123 ( Tequila Cascahuín, S. Tequila Cazadores De Arandas, S. MANDATORY COMMERCIAL INFORMATION AS PER CHAPTER 11, ARTICLE 11. Destileria Teremana De Agave, S. Finish: Some slight agave on the finish with some spice, caramel, and alcohol burn. Location : Jesus Maria, Jalisco , Email Tequila Matchmaker members, enter the email with your account. Luckily acetone does not appear as much in the. Therefore, if that bottle of Kirkland Signature Tequila provides a NOM number (which it most certainly does), rest assured, it's real. If you want to look up which distilleries are associated with various NOM numbers, you can do so with the Tequila. Sloe gin cocktails: Alabama Slammer , Sloe Gin Cocktail , Sloe Gin Fizz. Get a Technical Report from CRT. It is currently the best-selling tequila in Mexico. Look for the NOM number on Tequila labels to guarantee authenticity. Nemko can guide you through your Mexican market access. For example, you might choose three Reposados. All are made in the same distillery, located in a town called Jesús María in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico. The blue agave plant used for tequila is fully grown. I can’t say it’s bad, but not my cup of tea (pun intended). All brands of 100% agave and aged tequila produced by an individual distillery will have the same NOM number on the bottle. This number indicates the distillery where the Tequila is made. The government and several other companies manage this type of list and provide them to consumers as a public service. Tequila: Shop Top Tequila Brands, Types & Flavours. 2020 Three Barrel (s) Tears of Llorona Release Nose: Round barrel spices entwined in sweet oak and cedar aromas. NOM 1438 Tequila Products">NOM 1438 Tequila Products. In 1978, the Appellation of Origin Tequila was registered before the World Industrial Property Organization, officially initiating its international protection. While some still do, this isn’t always the most eff. Nom Nom phone number: 415-991-0669. net October 27, 2011 13435 0 1 0 0. To produce this special bottle of ArteNOM, distiller Jake Lustig teamed up . Although a NOM certification cannot be transferred, a certified holder can forward the usage rights to distributors within Mexico. Utilize a NOM number to gauge a tequila's quality. The laws controlling the production of tequila have changed many times since they were first written. Find Nearby Add Number Juan Blanco Tequila has a medium body with a great mouth feel. (One additional available data point is that the tequila, NOM 1603, is produced at the same distillery as El Mayor and Exotico in Jalisco. Our fine Tequila first began its journey ten years ago, under the guidance of artisan and Master Distiller, Nestor Rivera. Yeah-- 1438 is a contract house through and through. Cinnamon, powdered cloves and allspice. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different characteristics to find the best matches for you. Nom Nom Tacos & Tequila is rated 4. The number and frequency of the follow-. Nom 1604 Destiladora Bonanza, S. Made from 100% Blue Weber Agaves in Jalisco, Mexico, we are proud to introduce Kendall Jenner's award-winning 818 Tequila. Tequila Brands To Buy Now. This limited edition endures a smooth and rich flavor profile to savor beyond compare. According to Tequila Matchmaker, 818 is made at NOM 1137, along with. The most recent law covering tequila is NOM-006-SCFI-2005. The type (tipo) of tequila on the label or category (blanco, aejo, reposado, etc. Diva Tequila Phenom 374 ratings. agave, vanilla, pepper in the taste well done I recommend this. In the world of telemarketing, having an up-to-date call list is crucial for success. net October 11, 2009 43117 0 2 0 19. 10 Best Tequilas to Drink in 2023. 5 Types of Tequila and How They’re Made. The NOM number on the bottle indicates the distillery. Review: Mico Tequila and Seltzers, Complete Lineup. Type: Silver, Gold, Añejo, Extra-Añejo or Ultra-Añejo. Komos Tequila Añejo Cristalino. On October 1, 2020, the Mexican Government published in its Official Gazette an amendment to Annex 2. With every batch of La Pulga spirits, tequileros in a remote village in Jalisco play loud Mexican rock music around the clock for three to six days while the liquid bubbles and froths. Aged a full 5 years in a charred white oak, retired bourbon barrel, this work of art merges smooth taste while taking every essence of it's barrel. Luckily, there's one surefire way to locate the right bottle. Nom 1531 129 Calificaciones Ver todo. net December 09, 2012 14128 0 3 0 1. This means that it can, and should, be kept chilled in the freezer and served as a crisp, smooth, frozen shot. It also indicates the producer of the tequila. #101 of the top 118 distilleries Other NOM numbers made here: 1592 1416 1613. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different characteristics to find. Why You Should Buy Costco’s Kirkland Signature Tequila. Location : Arandas, Jalisco , Region : Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Clasa Azul is an additive-loaded tequila of low quality and is extraordinarily overpriced. NOMs are the four-digit numbers located on the back of every bottle of tequila. That four-digit number is the NOM, which stands for Norma Oficial Mexicana. The NOM references the particular distillery number, which in this case is La Tequileña Distillery. March Tequila NOM List & News - https://mailchi. If tequila isn't your thing, check out our guides to the best gin, best rum, and best bourbon. Originally it tasted good but after trying much better additive free tequila such as ArteNom 1146, it's a drain pour. Aroma: Banana, Oak, Caramel, Agave, and Vanilla. Nose is pretty neutral, some green agave and pepper. This NOM applies to all processes and activities related to the supply of agave, production, bottling, marketing, information and business practices linked to the distilled alcoholic beverage known as Tequila, pursuant to the specifications of this NOM. Nom Mexican Table + Tequila Bar Menu Prices. The Best Tequilas According To The 2021 International Wines. ) 7) NOM 1588 ( Tequilas El Mexicano) 8) NOM 1518 ( Tequila Casa de Los Gonzalez). The Kirkland bottle has a CRT NOM number of 1472, the same number that appears on the bottle of Cielo. It's clearly marked "100% de agave" on the bottle. The tequila brand is made for sipping, so put down the blender and limes and grab. 80 Panel; 85 Community + My Rating; Available in the App. A bit of a burn, good for mixing but not for its price point. com which can help you properly identify the distiller. If you have inquiries that are not related to this Nom Nom pet food review, you can contact the company through: Email: care@nomnomnow. Jenner’s spirit is made from 100% blue agave in a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Generates a list of numbers, select range and step. Añejos roughly translates to “aged” or “mature. Destileria Tlacolula is run by Eric Hernandez, who is a. 100 Favorite Tequilas, According to Hardcore Fans. Read more Read reviews Write review. Sometimes (unfortunately) caramel and other additives are added to adjust the color and flavor. Flavor hits with alcohol upfront with a bitter/sourness that covers the tongue. All Blanco Joven Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo Arette Blanco. Many distilleries produce more than …. Be sure to check out my mostly archived blog which documents my early attempts to share my tequila journey at tequilatracker. Tequila Tapatio Blanco – NOM 1139 – $32. net February 17, 2012 19982 0 2 0 2. The best tequila uses that variety alone and cannot include additives. Corporativo Destileria Santa Lucia, S. Location : Guadalajara, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Central) , Private Labels : Email Tequila Matchmaker members, enter the email with your account. Bucket List Tequila: The 10 Best Tequilas to Try at Least Once There aren’t many brands that source from multiple distilleries, but ArteNOM has made their tequila curation, well, an art. 818 Tequila (NOM 1607, originally 1137) The Kardashian clan is trying to “keep up” with the fast-growing tequila industry with their entry 818 Tequila. The National Orderal Oficial Mexicana (NOM) of tequila is a four-digit code. Qui Tequila Platinum Extra Añejo. Each NOM gives the location for where the tequila was …. The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl mexcalli [meʃˈkalːi], which means "oven-cooked agave", from metl and ixcalli [iʃˈkalːi]. Long Island Iced Tea – vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, gin, and sweet and sour mix. The following are the stages to follow to get certification: 1. The taste and finish are similar with an additional baked cocoa powder and some light cinnamon with a good amount of light roasted agave. Destileria La Prieta; Location : Tequila, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Tequila NOM List, October 2022. Number Juan Tequila — Handcrafted in Amatitan, recent arrival Number Juan. Location : San Ignacio Cerro Gordo , Region : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (Tequila …. Ideally, it shouldn’t have additives, but because many of the celeb-owned tequilas out there are full of glycerin and. net February 17, 2012 19978 0 2 0 2. Find which tequilas are right for you. Verified — Cazcanes Tequila. (Cazadores NOM1487) for complete transparency. Represented by a four-digit number, it indicates the distillery where the Tequila is produced. The number printed on bottles of tequila refers to a particular distillery. Interestingly enough, Cielo is produced in the same distillery. USD Retail It stood up to all the flavors that were going on! I highly recommend this Blanco Tequila by Number Juan!! I recommend this. Casamigos is currently available in the US and different parts of …. Nom 1416 Productos Finos de Agave, S. The next highest-scoring tequila, with 86. Yes all of these questions are very important. net July 13, 2007 96244 0 2 0 15. The merging of Alex & Ron’s dream with the craftsmanship of Rivesca Distillery birthed Number JUAN Tequila in early 2012. net February 14, 2009 29311 0 1 0 5. Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, S. It’s a tossup whether I’d reach for this or Lot 74 | Lote 74R. CooperVision bills itself as a global leader in contact lenses, featuring brands like MyDay, Clariti and Biofinity, which are also sold at Costco. NOM 1480 Tequila Products">NOM 1480 Tequila Products. Nom 1592 Envasadora De Productos Lideres, S. When you see a NOM that is on a gazillion bottles, it could mean that the tequila might be lower quality. If you’re trying to find someone’s phone number, you might have a hard time if you don’t know where to look. Rest assured, anything called tequila has at least 51% blue agave and is distilled in Mexico. The NOM is a little number that graces all of Mexico’s agave bottles that decided to pay taxes or legally be recognized as tequila. Silky sweetness with the tiniest bit of almond/maple on the back palate fade. NOM-O14X begins with an “O” and ends with an “X,” because it’s from Oaxaca. George Clooney’s “Casamigos” tequila also shows up high on the list. However, thanks to our friends at tastetequila. The year production first began is given when known. Search by NOM "NOM" stands for Norma Oficial Mexicana, which is a set of regulations and standards established by the Mexican government to govern the production, labeling, and certification of tequila. VinePair says that Mexico only has 140 licensed tequila distilleries, yet there are over 1,400 registered brands of tequila that you can buy. The combination of letters and numbers in the NOM will tell you the state, and the number in which that particular parent company was certified. NOM 1592 | Black pepper notes and agave is pronounced. The Norma Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standard), abbreviated NOM, is the name of each of a series of official, compulsory standards and regulations for diverse activities in Mexico. "Mike": 9798630330994: Books - Amazon. Available in select premium bars, restaurants, hotels, and stores in the USA and across the globe. Tequila Selecto de Amatitán, …. And just like tequila, bacanora may lose sight of that tradition of different agaves and sotol in distilling. It's not awful, but it's not tequila. The important laws since 1990 were NOM-006-SCFI-1993, the later updates NOM-006-SCFI-1994 and NOM-006-SCFI-2005 and the most recent revision published on December 13, 2012, NOM-006-SCFI-2012. Rate Find Nearby Add to Wishlist Production Details; NOM : 1507 , Agave Type : Tequilana Weber , Each tequila has its …. The Key To Picking Out The Best Tequila Is To Check The Back. The top-ranked Tequila, scoring 98/100 points, is Fuenteseca 2014 Reserva 7-Year Aged Extra Añejo Tequila. Tequila: what you need to know, history, production process. Note: They’re working with a tequila brand that just won tequila of the year. NOM 1456 | Thick and viscous in the mouth, this passes the "rub" test, so a natural blanco. Now that you know, there’s no need to be a “Clasa A-fool. ArteNOM 1579 - NOM's 1079, 1580, 1549, 1146, 1414, 1579, 1123. Lou cracks into a NOM 1467 old version of Cabo Wabo Blanco because "you can't take it with you. Don Julio is a brand of tequila produced in Mexico. Handmade in a small Mexican town named Tequila, this platinum and consumer's choice award winning 100% Agave spirit is unmatched in taste and quality. Grupo Industrial Tequilero de los Altos de Jalisco, S. NOM 1499 Tequila Products">NOM 1499 Tequila Products. Commercial Info (Labeling). Kirkland Signature Anejo – roughly $46. Official password NOM (Official Mexican Standard) and authorized product number (4 digits) 3. In today’s digital age, businesses often focus their marketing efforts on online platforms and social media. Corzo Anejo Tequila NOM 1487 CRT. This number is a unique identifier for the facility that makes a given tequila. You can taste rich flavors of agave, vanilla, caramel, spiced cinnamon, and black pepper. Not at the level of 1 or 2 this has some bitter vegetable taste in the mouth with less natural sweetness than 1 or2. net May 23, 2007 43415 0 1 0 14. Distillery: Destiladora del Valle de Tequila NOM 1438. Aromas of straw, cooked agave, vanilla and cedar. Union de Productores de Agave, S. 88 Panel; 89 Community + My Rating; but subtle. CaliFino Tequila (NOM 1468) 80 proof; 40% ABV : Anejo Mexican/European Bottling at 38% ABV: Gold: Tequila Ambar (NOM 1477) 76 proof; 38% ABV; Kosher : Organic Anejo Tequila: Gold: Tequila Celestial (NOM 1480) 80 proof; 40% ABV; non-Kosher : Extra Anejo Tequila: Gold: Number Juan (NOM 1531) 80 proof; 40% ABV: Silver. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different characteristics. 29 The Tequila: Herradura touts itself as the world’s first reposado tequila and, it is! First released in 1974, it set the standard. mx: BRANDS DON NACHO, SOMONQUE, EL CABALLERO ESTRELLA, MILLIONARIOS: DISTILLERY FABRICA DE TEQUILA EL EDEN NOM 1465, DOT 180, LOCATION: Arandas, Jalisco TEL (348) 784 7041 WEBSITE: BRANDS. November 1, 2010 "NOM" is short for Norma Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standard) which are the official standards and regulations dictated by the Mexican Government. Explore healthy dog food and treats for …. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to overlook traditional advertising methods like yellow page listings. Its owned by the British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo. May not be loaded, transported, or stored together in the same transport vehicle or storage facility. Click on the profile to see a complete list of the tequilas made at each distillery. NOM 1493 - Los Abuelos (Fortaleza) NOM 1579 - El Pandillo. Tequila's large selection only boils down to a few hundred distilleries, which can readily be identified with a NOM number on the bottle. net March 17, 2012 14060 0 2 0 2. Nom 1531 • 84 Likes Available in the app 83 Panel; 85 Community; Number Juan in a Million. #81 of the top 118 distilleries Other NOM numbers made here: 1079. What Is a List of Odd Numbers?. Any comment would be most welcome. Region: Jalisco, Mexico | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Cooked agave, Vanilla, Oak, Caramel. Can Tequila Only be Made in Mexico?. Any type of wood is acceptable, but ex-bourbon barrels are most common. A tequila app that rocks!] Tequila Matchmaker is the only rating system smart enough to detect your personal preferences and match you with the tequilas that are right for you. #99 of the top 118 distilleries Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, S. Flavor of sweetness up front that segues into cooked brown sugar, light oak, and cooked agave. For example, you may see "NOM 1535" on a bottle of DeLeón tequila, which tells you that this bottle of tequila complies with NOM standards and was produced at the distillery associated with the number 1535. ” It’s on your mezcal bottles, too, but it means something different. La Adelita Extra Anejo has one of the more unique smell and taste profiles on the list. in/dDwpHeFB Tequila NOM List, August 2022 - Tequila Aficionado Magazine https://tequilaaficionado. net October 10, 2008 33139 0 4 0 24. Best Tequila Brands 2022: Casamigos, Patron, Teremana Blanco. We also chill and filter the final product to eliminate any oily or fatty substances left behind from the agave. As there more than 700 brands produced by around 100 distillers, brand name alone is not a good indication of who actually made the tequila. It is the distiller registration number. Tequila: qué significa el NOM y por qué es importante. 8/5 based on 44000+ reviews on We think you are based in United States — would you like to set this as your default country of delivery?. Any additional ingredients or flavors must be listed on the label. Location : Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco , Region : Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Oro Azul Anejo Tequila NOM 1580. If you do this, get tequilas produced by different distilleries (NOM numbers …. Location : Ojo de Agua de Latillas, Jalisco , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Location: Carretera Jesús María Las Pomes Km. 135 brands produced there now, about 10% of all active brands. The flavor begins with a nice sweetness followed by a black pepper spice. Get the Authorization to use the Appellation of Origin Tequila (DOT) from IMPI. Click on the headers to sort and use the scrollbar to the right to …. net March 12, 2007 20512 0 1 0 0. Nicely made from a contract distillery. This NOM applies to all processes and activities related to the supply of agave, production, bottling, marketing, information and business practices linked to the distilled alcoholic beverage known as Tequila, pursuant to the specifications. Must be a minimum of 51% agave spirit, with the rest from cane sugar distillate. The platform, which can be found at www. This site is currently tracking 3,591 CRT brand registration entries. The following is a list of tequila distilleries along with their Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM), Denominación de Origen Tequila (DOT), location, contact information, and the brands of tequila they produce. Maybe you’ve noticed on your tequila bottles there’s a number preceded by “NOM. 1800 Reposado 100% Agave Tequila NOM-1122 Read Full Review. com: Casamigos, often Casamigos Tequila is an American tequila company founded by George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. net April 26, 2009 85159 0 2 0 43. Office: (619) 946-9419 desk@aiscompliance. NOM 1142 Tequila Products">NOM 1142 Tequila Products. Oro Azul Anejo Tequila NOM 1580. noting that understanding the significance of that number can provide a sense of what a. Don Fulano, Anejo Tequila (NOM 1146). How to Read A Tequila Label. This document must be accompanied by a commercial invoice (in Spanish), a bill of lading, …. The ability to research tequilas based on name brand or NOM number, aroma with pallette descriptions by what pros & the community have …. The largest collection of tequila bottles in the US is over 2000 bottles and was built by collector Lou. Compare Number JUAN in a Million Extra Anejo Tequila. ("Newton") Location : Tesitán, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Central) , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own. Jose Cuervo’s NOM numbers are 1104 and 1122. Nom 1449 Diageo México Operaciones, S. One distiller can make multiple brands of tequila, and it just so happens that Kirkland’s is from the same source as the Ed Hardy Tequila (NOM 1472). Tequila's appellation and regulatory bodies. Other tequila sourced from that distillery. Legendario Domingo Oaxaca Espadín. #43 of the top 118 distilleries Other NOM numbers made here: 1103. Tequila is mainly produced in Jalisco, while mezcal is mainly produced in Oaxaca. 61 Panel; 76 Community + My Rating $ 100. Latest; New Brands and Bottles; Website News; Mezcal News NOM 1472 Tequila Products. Arguably the most powerful of all tequila companies, representatives from Tequila Jose Cuervo initiated the groundwork for NOM 186 (Celis, 2012). 23 Popular Tequila Brands, Ranked Worst To Best. According to Taste Tequila, which keeps an updated database of NOM numbers and the related brands, there are around 140 active tequila distilleries and about 1,200 brands. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different characteristics to. As one of the first of the few Extra Añejo tequilas on the market today, Don Julio REAL Tequila is a testament to the craft of making a superior tasting, aged tequila. Patrón Tequila (NOM 1492) Tequila Fortaleza (NOM 1493) [2 brands] El Pandillo (G4, Terralta, etc. #69 of the top 118 distilleries Other NOM numbers made here: 1635. Top Tequila Distilleries In Mexico. The purity (only 100% agave is labelled as such and if it doesn't say it is 100% agave on the label then it is a mixto). There is also a slight astringency, mainly from the tannins in the oak. The popular Reposado goes from $150-$170 a bottle, and the Anejo is around $550. Nom 1613 Destileria Teremana De Agave, S. ArteNom Selección de 1146 Tequila Añejo, Jalisco, Mexico (750ml). net November 09, 2008 29488 0 3 0 2. The Consejo Regulador del Tequila, the spirit's regulatory body, lists 1,754 tequilas currently in production—and these include bottles labeled blanco (unaged or lightly aged), reposado ("rested," i. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. On the nose it has strong ethanol and sharpie aromas, absolutely no agave. Don Julio tequila is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, one of the country's most fertile agave-growing regions. One of downtown Lafayette’s newest restaurants, Nom Nom Tacos and Tequila, on 102 N 3rd St. Legally, that’s a tequila; additionally, were 818 to be made elsewhere. Patrón Tequila (NOM 1492) Tequila Fortaleza (NOM 1493) [2 brands] El Pandillo (G4, Terralta, …. The NOM listing on the label means that the tequila was made following the regulations set by the Tequila Regulatory Council, or TRC. Peppery medium finish that has no complexity. This additive-laced tequila has a funky, floral perfume aroma and sweet vanilla taste. Playamar is their new tequila-based seltzer, named for a compound of the Spanish words for beach, Playa, and sea, …. This number is not a guarantee of quality, merely of authenticity. Many tequilas will advertise themselves as 100% Blue Agave, or NOM, number. It's a costly expression, but for something that's nearly 10 years aged, it's just expected. 3 Amigos Tequila Blanco Organic Read Full Review. Mezcal (/ m ɛ ˈ s k æ l /, Latin American Spanish: ⓘ), sometimes spelled mescal, is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave. not bad, but a little syrupy/ nuts kind of thing. #86 of the top 118 distilleries Tequila Orendain de Jalisco, S. There are 1,716 brands included in the Tequila Matchmaker database, but only 1,196 of them are currently listed in the most recent update of …. 99 on a 90-count box of the Kirkland Signature product at Costco. Despite being one of the cheaper brands on the market, El Jimador uses 100% agave in all of its tequilas. Rich, warm agave tones with hints of tropical fruit and coconut. The important laws since 1990 were NOM-006-SCFI-1993, the later updates NOM-006-SCFI-1994 and NOM-006-SCFI-2005 and the most recent …. Tequila NOM List, June 2022. October 1, 2022 by Lisa Pietsch. Tequila brands : The Whisky Exchange">A to Z of Tequila brands : The Whisky Exchange. Location : Amatitan, Jalisco , Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) , Each tequila has its own "flavor fingerprint," and each person has his or her own flavor preferences.