Aita For Telling My Friend She's Selfish OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: Snapping/calling my friend a shit friend 2) Snapping at her for a (possible) mistake or calling her shit because of it. My first question was if she had become homeless and was embarrassed to say. Leaving you alone after this was your idea was a really awful thing to do and I could never see my friends doing anything that spiteful. She seems very selfish for thinking it's OK to ask her husband to work himself to death and for her MIL to give her money just so she can be a SAHM. 2) The fact that I got a little nasty after she called me some very choice words Help keep the sub engaging! Don’t downvote assholes! Do upvote interesting posts! Click …. I told her she was being selfish and she said she wasn't being and we haven't talked since. 3 months into the relationship since he lived 20 minutes away from her house he told her if she would like for her to live with him and she said yes. “Naturally my friends are on my side. It screams selfish SO FUCKING LOUD. So my friend is a 24F and I'm a 25F. She then asked me to name a man I was attracted to (I came out a a lesbian when I was 16) she. His reaction is understandable considering he’s been mistreated by his sister his whole life. It shakes you to your very core. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” tells the story of Tom and his friend, Huckleberry Finn, two boys who get into a lot of trouble. AITA for telling my friend off after she let her friends make. A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to…. Their moms became close friends and they were raised seeing one another. AITA for telling my friend she disrespected me : r/AmItheAsshole. So I (23/F) had a friend (26/F) that only contacts me when she’s having relationship trouble so she can vent to someone. It could very well be Silvia for her. ” Let’s just keeping plodding along, and move on. I have a best friend who we will call Jasmine, We have been close for over 2 years, and recently I've been going through a lot of family issues. Ask yourself what you're getting out …. "AITA for telling my sister she cannot attend my wedding after she stole my wedding dress?" I (20F) have been planning my wedding to Micheal (21M) for the past 3 years. AITA for telling my friend I was removing myself from our. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I told my Mom she's selfish and won't be in my (future) kids' lives for suggesting I should break up with fiancee because of her fertility issues. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I told my sister she was acting really selfish and she can't be there for me on my big day, after she said she'll miss my wedding ceremony. I’d never dream of calling either selfish or lazy for not meeting a milestone at a preconceived time. I think I wasn't rude and was just setting boundaries, and want to see if other people agree. AITA for telling someone they’re selfish for asking a 22 year ">AITA for telling someone they’re selfish for asking a 22 year. It's got to the point where he's asking me about how to convince her to get on a plane to come to this country (after only a few months), and she's telling me she's unhappy in the relationship and does not feel attracted to him. I ate my food then watched tv for a bit before going to bed at 12am. 2) it might make me the asshole because she has a right to keep her love life private. My neighbor 36F invited me to her daughter's 6th birthday party, where I had to come in dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. AITA for telling my friend she's a selfish idiot? I really don't think I am, but she thinks I was harsh. AITA for calling my friend selfish? : r/AmItheAsshole. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: Sorry if I have bad grammar I am German and currently using Grammarly. Laura texted me saying the same night of my 18th birthday there was a party at a club she. My mother in law tries to excuse his outburst that he's hungry while my father in law can't stop apologizing. Lindsay thought the waitress was cute, and is a shy type, so word for word this is what I said: "Okay, so two things. i recognize its not my place to be. Read this before contacting the mod team. Aita for telling my friend she's acting selfish and she. NTA It might be your first trip without family but for her it’s a …. We met on the first day of school through a mutual friend and have been friends since. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I called my ex selfish for trying to move with our child, she may not being doing it for selfish reasons. I lost it, and told them that they had 30 days to get out. # AITA for disowning my brother when he came out as gay, because of how he's treating his wife? ## https://bit. According to her, she’s been feeling as if our friendship is not my priority and it should be. I could be an asshole because she doesn’t think I’ve been supportive enough through her pregnancy. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I outright told my friend of 10 years that I don’t trust her and disregarded her self-growth journey. We'd usually spend the holidays with my side of family. idk how much she does with them, by the way it sounds. But majority of the time, I can't rely on her. I (19f) have known this person we will call her K (17f) for 6 months. AITA For Telling My Friend Sheʼs Selfish For Going On A Trip. If its during the day and not doing anything, she's given me rides a couple times. Aita for telling DIL that she is selfish and might as well not become a mother. She’s 23, OP is right - this shouldn’t have the impact it did on her. She says she’s fine to drive and that she’ll see me later. im f21, my sister is f25, her boyfriend is m30 and my bestfriend is m19. She's done this twice she'll keep doing it. But the part that's relevant is that in my experience, she's always been okay with me gently calling her out on stuff or being blunt with her. Help keep the sub engaging! Don’t downvote assholes! Do upvote interesting posts! Click Here For Our Rules and Click Here For Our FAQ. tv/NorthernlionI wanted to mix up my conten. I, admittedly last minute, informed my friend that this meant I would need to have an early night on Saturday and leave her party early. A child isn't an 18 year commitment; it's lifelong, and one I have decided not to take. My brother turns up (12m) and I told him how I recently got a bit in a pretty big school production, he comes over and says my brother doesn't want to listen and drags him. AITA stands for Am I the Asshole? On social media, people ask AITA when sharing personal disputes in which they are unsure if they’ve acted they like an asshole—that is, been mean, selfish, or wrong in some way. It's Sunday today and my mom is going to be in a contest tomorrow. An said it was either she used the scooter or she could stay home. She argued that he's part of her family, and she can't. I made her wedding cake as well as individually wrapped cupcakes for all the place settings (close to 150). You would be sending the email to him but really you’re writing to your friend—because this is the letter you want to show her AFTER the proposal so she knows exactly what kind of person she’s with. My Mom's 80th birthday celebration was this past saturday, exactly 13 months after her actual 80th birthday). My (29m) wife (27f) and I welcomed our first child into the world about 10 months ago. Am I the Asshole? on Twitter: "AITA for telling my friend that he …. I told her she was the selfish one, as I was there to make sure my father was taken care of all the times she had. They've been together 3 years and Nick has repeatedly suggested an open relationship to which Sophie has refused. Because I'm sure you have actual friends. AITA for telling my roommate she can't be selfish if she has ">AITA for telling my roommate she can't be selfish if she has. At first she asked me if I was doing okay but then she asked if I could eat her out like I do everyday. This is not your friend! I'm so sorry! I know you wanted to be friends but person treats you bad. Upon hearing that, a good dad would be at risk of going to prison. Throwaway account, you know the drill. AITA for telling my girlfriend she is selfish? : r/AmItheAsshole. We are from one of the European countries. If she was really your friend, she wouldn’t poke at your insecurities, especially considering when you were straightforward about her having a shitty personality, she couldn’t handle it. I don't betray you and gaslight you and cancel on you and the rest. Your mom is jealous and also scared and greedy. AITA for telling my sister that she upset me and how she upset me. My husband had an emergency (dad had a medical emergency) and wanted someone to watch our son. Friends think about how their actions affect you. In the post, he admitted she was suffering from an endometriosis flare-up at the time and was unwilling to cater to his dietary …. AITA for not accommodating my brother in law during my. I told her ‘I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t. It's not necessarily a bad thing that I don't like your choice, and we can still have a good relationship. We had a fight where he told me I was treating him like a therapist. It most commonly affects the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and the tissue lining the pelvis. AITA for telling my best friend she was being selfish for wanting to cancel my 18th birthday party? This happened in April 2022, me (17F) about to turn 18 at the time, was planning my 18 birthday celebration with around 10 people, including who i considered one of my best friends, Lauren 18F (fake name). OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: my friend asked me why I wasn't going to her birthday and I said it is because she is passive aggressive, now she is upset with me. AITA for telling my friend to stop speaking a language she learned?. Her stepmother is abusing her emotionally and psychologically, your ex …. My mom and neighbor are somewhat close and in one of their discussions, my mom brought up my work. I don't know what it's like to be in your position but all of my empathy goes to you. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I might be TA because I called my husband selfish, which is unkind; and because I told him about my weird dream even though I know he doesn’t …. Catch me live every weekday from 11AM-4PM here: http://twitch. To this day, Lynn is like this. I understand what you said, and why. she may be really depressed or something, but if she's been like this forever, it could be even deeper. AITA for telling my friend she's acting like a bridezilla because of bridesmaid outfits. AITA for telling my friend that not everybody has to like her. Dudes their father and should pay child support. AITA for telling my Mom she's selfish and my fiancee deserves. AITA for telling my friend she’s abandoning me for her boyfriend?. He sighed, but got up and went to get the medicine. Something tells me that her whole identity revolves around being a mother. And it sounds like you are sort of repeatedly invalidating her feelings. You don't know she's autistic, you know she says she is autistic. If you thinks so, I believe some self-reflection is in order. You just made HIS wedding day about you and your feelings. My idea is maybe she‘s actually internalizing guilt about her relative wealth and is trying to project to people that “I don’t have a lot! I’m just like you! It’s normal!” because she doesn’t know how to deal with having privilege quite yet. FOR TELLING MY BEST FRIEND SHES SELFISH?">AITAH FOR TELLING MY BEST FRIEND SHES SELFISH?. You and your friends are all assholes. Be real about it, without being rude. It might be time for the friends that agree with you to take your own girls trip and the ones that are sympathetic to Amy can go with her and her family and be babysitters for her. Catherine: Also I lost a friend and it sucks. I might be the asshole because I’m putting myself before a friend. She says I don't get it, that she needs moral support and I won't be …. When she achieved her goals, she blatantly told OP that she was never interested in salvaging their marriage and that she was only using him. ESH, sounds like covid has completley messed her up. We all love it, she's the life of the party. That you feel like you need some time to be your own person. AITA for calling my friend selfish? : AmItheAsshole. So some back story, me (21f) had a 7 people friend group but this story is mostly about my tree ex best friends lets call them (F1, F2 and F3 all 20years old) So me and friend 1&3 had been friends for around 10 years so we met in …. Instead of showing up at 10:00 to 11:00 am to prepare for a 6:00 pm dinner, they now have to arrive a few hours earlier. I can't believe I even passed, my dad has been super sick and I've been really worried about him. Tell her how socializing actually feels for you. My BIL got married to his wife; my SIL; about two years before I married my husband. But I was lying to myself for years. She’s just getting by because she said “the price of freedom is worth it “ to her. But off late she's been crying about the same guy over and over. My mum is usually strict but back then, she didn’t care what we did. You’re well aware of the effects of cheating and how painful it …. She is not being selfish for having mental health problems. When I met her at my workplace she was really nice and welcoming, a few months later we started to get closer exchanged snapchats/numbers etc. What Is a Short Summary of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”?. You're TA for assuming she will stick around forever, and especially so for snooping in her finances. 8M subscribers in the AmItheAsshole community. I told my friend to stop making everything about herself in a conversation that was about me and my struggles. AITA for calling my friend selfish for saying she going to off. I don’t like going over there because they yell at everyone constantly and it’s like walking on eggshells. 4M subscribers in the AmItheAsshole community. One user received nearly 30, 000 upvotes after drafting a message for the woman to send to her family. It is completely reasonable to expect one's partner to provide support after what just happened to you. But pre-emptively going in like "you're selfish for taking this and being pregnant" before the project starts is VERY hostile (not in terms of "hostile work environment", just aggressive and alienating to the coworker). AITA for telling my fellow bridesmaid she is being selfish. one of my friends, “becca” was there and we had been friends since middle school. If you hadn't have told her, it's sounds as though no one else was going to step up to tell her. On the ride home I call my wife and suggest that I just bring my friends over to my house instead, that way I can help with the baby whenever she needs me to and I'll still get to hang out with my friends whenever I'm not needed by her. You can say the truth and still be a dick for saying it or how you said it. She told me I was selfish for putting this on her when she didn't want to. I'm glad to hear you stood up for yourself. You are the one responsible for them and she's doing this purely on a voluntary basis. In case this story gets deleted/removed: AITA for calling my daughter selfish for not helping her brother out? Throw away for privacy. Aita For Telling My Friend She's Selfish Things. But he likely doesn't know the exact weight of Jess or his gf. AITA for being selfish when I’m sick & proceeding to ignore my family. So we all got together at my place and she sits us down and hands us little bags. She and I have been fairly good friends since I started my husband. AITA for telling my friend that he got exactly what he wanted and he needs to stop being selfish? https:// bit. She's basically stalking your half siblings at this point. I'm not completely unsympathetic to your girlfriend, I'm sure it was really upsetting for her to have you not recognize her, in spite of the advance warnings. She was in the hospital days prior for a medical issue and now she's better. Repost because of character limit. AITA for calling my children's mother bitter and selfish after she refused to let me have 2 of our children on christmas? My ex wife and I got a divorce months ago. obviously her behavior is a direct result of her childhood, but at some point, we all have to move forward from that & change ourselves for the better. She's asking if she's the A-H for telling the friend off. But it’s time to adjust your thoughts on how good a friend this person is. In a recent scenario, I found myself …. She wants to buy a ginger female, breed her for. AITA for telling my daughter to get over herself?. we had been getting into some fights recently as we lived across the United States and sometimes communication would be misinterpreted not to mention Jewl is a hot head. Eventually, I got upset with her and yelled back that they weren’t only her friends, and that she should stop being such a selfish insecure asshole making up stories all the time about her sad life. Just during last year, she got a condo, a tons of decorations and useless stuff, a new iPhone, Apple watch, an expensive. AITA for Telling My Friend She Can't Bring Her Dog to My Wedding?. AITA for telling my friend that she's being possessive?. You let your friend down and she's right. She still doesn’t have her license, after saying she would get it, how can I be sure she’d pay me back? I thought me being logical was the right decision but she told me I was being a bad friend, that of course she would pay me back, but I still said no. He would be a 'morbror' (motherbrother) SIL would be 'faster' (fa (thersi)ster) (even if very slow) to OP's children. OP should keep this in mind and make sure to let anyone who contacts her about it know what really happened. Your mom has her reasons for not going. so sorry for any grammatical errors or anything that doesnt make sense, this has been on my mind all day. I know that Jack is a stay at home dad that works part-time from home and Tori is pretty big into her career. Also it is strange and selfish to steer all conversations towards yourself. AITA for telling my friend that she’s selfish? My friend (let’s call her Anne) has. Not everything that 'is what it is' needs to be pointed out to people. But family things, especially weddings tend to be sensitive and it really wasn’t your dynamic to explode on. My sister has been turning down my requests for babysitting, and I'm starting to feel really hurt by her actions. She still always always needs help with something, either my youngest brother, money, cleaning, cooking etc. My daughter meant that women using epidural are risking a lot to avoid something that natural women have done all ages. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I told my sister to stop acting selfish and like she's doing the world a favor, after she said she won't come to my wedding because her younger …. She sounds exhausted and I asked her if she felt ok to drive and if not I’d come pick her up from work and go back together the car later. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I may be the asshole because i told my friend she cant live here if she is going to constantly be at her boyfriends I may be wrong because her not …. I am absolutely terrified that I put multiple friends through his abuse without even knowing. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if …. I (21 F) took a trip to visit my best friend from high school (21 F) we’ll call her Jewl. and their half brother is 3 years old. And she has a softer voice not a loud big voice. AITA - Last week, my very close friend took in a kitten that walked up their driveway. I explained this to my work friend and she was understanding at first but then she brought it up during a discord conversation with some mutual friends. When I came home from a friend's house my mom told me her conversation with the neighbor: she brought up the Birthday party, and I kinda shrugged and agreed since the neighbor offered 100$. Friends apologize and try to better themselves. I have 2 kids from a previous relationship (7 & 9). AITA for telling this girl she's selfish? : r/AmItheAsshole. I have a friend who we will call Alice, Alice like the rest of us has always had normal everyday things to complain about i. The issue is they both invited their significant others. Maybe she’s your best friend, but you’re definitely not her best friend. And as her bff, I'm always here to listen. She’s so damn poison is ridiculous!. She exclaimed how all that I cooked her was Kraft Dinner (box mac n cheese) every day and that she hates it now. My GM and I told her that's not a good reason to have another one. AITA for not telling my friends parents she died?. So AITa for calling my friend selfish. She Carry’s on to tell me that she’s trying to find a way to get help she’s just finding it hard. It does exactly what it sounds like: tells you when your friends are nearby so you can get in touch with them. She went on to cuss me out and hung up. Today Facebook began rolling out a new feature called Nearby Friends. AITA for calling my girlfriend selfish and lazy? : r/AmItheAsshole. But telling someone who has four children that she has too many and she's selfish for it is a relationship-breaking thing to say -- and it's relationship-breaking because it's a real asshole move! You are telling her, yes, you're a bad person who makes selfish decisions, and a bad mother. ) I feel like saying this would make me the asshole cause I've been helping. She looked like an absolute doll. I'd say you're a good friend and definitely not an asshole. Last week was my stepdaughter's (SD) 14th birthday. I was at his house the other day when he got a package in. AITA for telling my friend she’s abandoning me for. AITA For Telling My Sister Her Line of Thinking Was Selfish?. She says that she doesn't want people over, and we hang up. Also, she decided to rush a sorority and is. He didn’t deserve that and I hope you can help him feel safe again. She asked about decorating her room at my place. We have a mutual friend Sam (22F) who we've both known since Freshman year of high school, technically I knew her since middle school but we weren't friends until Freshman year. That I was selfish to hide who I really was. ETA: friend still should pick who she calls better, OP is definitely not able to deal with her shit on top of their own, but I think OP went overboard in how she told her to go away. When I asked her if she would get up to turn our son's light on, she said no. 6M subscribers in the AmItheAsshole community. They should be taking on the responsibility of looking after her. AITA for calling my best friend selfish after she said she. She’s allowed to want to have a job she enjoys and is passionate about. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: Getting the person suspended by revealing what they have been up to to HR 2. That's how the discussion went and since then she's been avoiding me (idc that she's avoiding me!!!) AITA for telling her this? note: I told her, not because of myself, I really don't want anything with her. I tell her she's selfish for only thinking about herself and not about the guys she's capable of wrapping round her finger. AITA For Telling My Daughter She Can’t Move 1,000+ Miles. I told her that she was selfish and that she claimed to be my best friend and she never cared about me and how she was one of the top people who would have been involved in my life events and I sent her that message and she didn't even respond. One or two conversations with a dear friend can be productive, but at this point it’s coercion. She then proceeded to tell me that she isn't on birth control and had a pregnancy scare about two weeks ago. Other people then offer their opinion on that person’s behavior. She doesn't deserve your friendship she's a horrid human being. I just think it would be best if …. My friends adopted a baby from China, and they tried speaking Mandarin with her but she never really responded. AITA for calling my girlfriend selfish if she doesn’t allow. I asked him if he could get me a glass of water. 5M subscribers in the AmItheAsshole community. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I told my wife who’s willing to be a SAHM that I won’t quit my job to take care of our child. It's demonstrating how to have a feeling that isn't positive, while recognizing that the feeling is your responsibility to deal with. If spending $20 on your friend’s wedding means you won’t be able to support yourself, then it’s time to get a job. After the divorce proceedings, custody of the kids was split 50/50, and the ex-wife had to pay child support, as she was earning much more than him, thanks to her education and career change. A 24-year-old man is stirring controversy after sharing the reason behind a heated conflict with his brother’s girlfriend. AITA for telling my sister she is being selfish? : r/AmITheAngel">AITA for telling my sister she is being selfish? : r/AmITheAngel. You've no respect for your friend. " She doubled down on me being rude and that you should always say. From now on she’s been giving me the silent treatment and all my friends in our group have sided with her and haven’t spoken. Lately however, it’s gotten to the point where she’s posting at least once a day with the dumbest things ranging from “AITA for not taking out the garbage?”. AITA for calling my friend selfish. I (22 F) & my cousin (23 F) have been very close our whole lives. She says she’s happy where she’s at, but obviously she isint if she does all of this. If friend was hiding the drug use, he knew it was going to be a problem. She's a very loud, boisterous person. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I didn't give my sister a +1 for my wedding, she kept insisting and said she wouldn't come, so I said she was being selfish. The origin of the quote “Stay gold, Ponyboy” is the 1967 novel “The Outsiders” by S. I met his girlfriend (24f) through him and we all get along great and are now a great friendship circle. Namely that her husband Jack (35m) doesn't have time for her. Like the husband said, they should do a celebration within their means. AITA for telling my mother's friend that I find her insufferable?. All was well until she began telling me how much she hated “spending time” with me as a kid. I’ll be referring to the friend that were house sitting for as “T”. however it’s not your place to tell her, it’s no one’s really, so you’re not obligated to. And the coworker is right: OP could be in deep shit for what she said, because "pregnant people" is a protected group. I told her that she was selfish and that she claimed to be my best friend and she never cared about me and how she was one of the top …. And besides, if she has an eating disorder, she's only 'selfish' for refusing therapy (if that - it can be hard to admit that there's a problem) - she's certainly not selfish for struggling with her disorder. My mother has made it very clear she. Your friend seems to refuse to hear you clearly stating what you want for your family. They tell me to leave their house. I didn't mean it either and it's caused a massive breakdown of friends and she hates me now probably for good. Her Dad for obviously being a creepy perv. It doesn’t sound as if you’ve been inclusive as you believe. Me and my brothers would hear my mum crying on the phone to our auntie. A friend gets a boyfriend, starts spending all her time with him and ignoring her friends. Henry is an independent human being, and he gets to decide who he wants to kiss. Judgement_Bot_AITA • Beep Boop • 3 mo. For the past 2 months, my sister has sat in her room crying. AITA for telling my friend she can't be a groomswoman. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: i think i might be TA because i go to disney with my sister more than my friend does. And I'm afraid staying in this friendship is making you feel bad about yourself. You need to surround yourself with supportive people while you go through treatment. I bet that Amy doesn’t even know she says it. This redditor overheard a teen girl saying she was going to buy an expensive pair of boots on her dad’s credit card. A friend who says, “I don’t even listen to you most of the time,” is not your friend. Offering context to the situation the 31-year. You need to tell your parents that you feel smothered by Selena and you'd like some space from her when she visits. This came from my livestream on February 4th, 2022. Ends up stealing food from non-dieting partner. We were already all there at my friend’s condo and when I opened the door my friend was there with her fiancé. AITA for telling my friend she is selfish and calling her out. Since then, I’ve gained about 100 lbs and stand at 5’11-6’0. Having a less than supportive partner is making things a million times harder for her. Basically my mom told her if she gets pregnant, she has to go. In return, our deal was that she babysit my 5 year old daughter every Friday from 9 - 2pm. But she can be a little irrational. anyways, today i was hanging out with some friends at my friend “sarah”s house. It started with my daughter who given birth without epidural because she wanted to feel natural birth and bond with her baby. I grab a water from her fridge because I truly had became concerned because she seemed sad. There are three 'AITA for doubting my friend was raped' posts on the frontpage of AITA right now. Never, ever, use the egg of the woman carrying the child. She likes a guy, you tell her he’s just a rebound. I thought I was treating him like the older brother he claims to be. Even though she’s a nice person her tiktoks make me really uncomfortable. (all names are fake) I am currently in highschool and i have a quite large friendgroup of both girls and boys. YTA, you and your daughter are entitled, you know it, Blake knows it, your sister knows it. A few minutes later 3 of her friends message from that call telling me I needed to apologize, how she started sobbing and left the call too, and that everything I said was uncalled for. AITA for telling my cousin she’s selfish and manipulative?. She got mad at my and called me selfish and and a B-word. Telling people before you are at 12 weeks runs the risk you’ll have to tell people publicly about a miscarriage if one occurs. AITA for telling my friend her relationship didn't work because she's. Although it smelled fantastic, I was speechless when I saw the invoice. This news is earth shattering to me. our dad is a alcoholic so while our mom tried our hardest to help my sister she couldn’t be around all the time. When she started to talk to her roommate I put on my headphones for a bit to work and she saw I wasn’t listening, so she just hung up the call Irish goodbye style and texted me “I’ll just call you later”. I (F16) am considered the mom of a friend group. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I told my friend to not tell Dave off 2) After I told her I didn’t want her to do this because of my connections her and my friends refuse to talk to me …. For some context, me (18 f) and my friend (17 f) have been best friends for a few years now, she is always talking about things she wants/money or herself, she always ends up getting what she wants from her parents and it bothers me because she never learns the value of money and just keeps spending her parents (essentially mooching every last …. Because I was closing the store, I was busy enough, so I ignored her. AITA for telling my friend she's insensitive and selfish for ">AITA for telling my friend she's insensitive and selfish for. NTA your friend is putting her pride above her child’s needs and letting them suffer to prove she doesn’t need a man. I might've been too harsh with what I said to her and not understanding, which makes me the AH. My husband confronted his brother after, his brother said he was still pissed at me, my husband said we were the ones pissed and he'd made a scene during my birthday dinner. What I mean by that is one day she’ll say she is the happiest she has ever been and then the next she’ll say that she’s going to kill herself and that she is at her lowest. Basically, I (21F) have this friend Marie (21) who has been struggling with EDs and low self-esteem for years, I've always supported her and listened to her when she vents about her issues (she is also in therapy, but likes to talk to me as …. She forced an answer out of you, which was a fair answer: You stated that it effected you too, that she traumadumped on you. Our mutuals friends were pretty neutral about it. AITA for telling my friend she looks like a complete idiot in her. ” They’re probably too afraid to say anything that might unleash your fury at them! Your other comments indicate that there are much larger issues going on. I called her inconsiderate because for weeks we had been talking about my party and she knew all the time and money it took me to prepare everything, mind you I was 17 cleaning the whole house, making food and drinks, making the bed for the people who were going to stay over the night after the party and all the guests already knew the time and place of the party and had already confirmed. we’ve never been apart longer than a week or two, but ever since we were kids, we planned on moving out together to escape our toxic. AITA for telling my best friend in front of our other friends she stopped being supportive of me a long time ago? So I (25F) have been friends with Lani (25F) for about 5 years now and after we left college we went down two totally separate routes. You can try gently steering her toward therapy, but maintain your boundaries. I asked her why she wasn't on anything and she said that everything she's tried messes with her hormones. AITA for saying my girlfriend has addictive personality. AITA for telling my friend shes selfish for wanting an older. My friend takes these comments as jokes, and doesn't, in fact, believe that she's a minimalist. I can't believe someone actually typed this out and posted it. And you can ask your OB now but 9 hours away at 8. I said, “I think it was selfish of the other friend’s mom to make that request. What you said was cruel and unnecessary. It can be hard for you to explain and it's probably equally hard for her to understand, having never actually experienced it. he asked my older son and he refused because he was going out with friends. Tell her the jealousy is too much for you, especially around married friends. I'm a southern woman and I hold southern values, but my daughter wasn't raised in the south, so we butt heads often. I take her to school when my partner can't, make her food, help her with her homework, and talk to her about her day, and she's never said that she felt like I didn't love or care for her. i know there was a lot she wanted to do but it was my …. She says my priorities are all wrong. AITA for telling my cousin off for not attending our grandma’s funeral? My grandmother passed away Thursday. There's a few single mother houses, 2 houses of all female roommates, one single woman, and even a lesbian couple. His paternal grandparents (my parents) live several states away, but he has two maternal aunts and uncles (their husbands) by marriage as well as a set of maternal grandparents. She is emotionally manipulating you and guilt is her tool. So I specifically told my friend to NOT bring her fiancé as it is only girls. She's not selfish; she's incredibly generous. Eventually, my daughter admitted to me that she was a lesbian, and that she and this girl had been dating since January and that she FLEW TO MEET HER WITHOUT TELLING ME OR HER FATHER! Mind you, she flew over 1,000 miles to see this girl that she had NEVER MET and had only called and video chatted with for a few months. AITA for telling my best friend she was a terrible friend?. Janet and I have been friends for over a decade went to school together and now each have husbands and …. I bet she was incredibly selfish then, too. My twin sister has Bipolar disorder so growing up i knew she would need more attention from our parents. She's manipulative and she's using all of her friends to get what she wants. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: (1) I told my friend that her mental disorders aren't a justification for her actions (2) I may be seen as discriminating against her mental disorders. So we see my brother's friend, (12m) he asks to join in and I'm like sure. She said that she had an important interview and that I, as the parent could've figured something out instead of expecting her to drop what she was doing and pick the kids up. AITA for telling my fellow bridesmaid she is being selfish. AITA for telling my friend that she can't justify her actions. My friend (30f) is 8 months pregnant and has a 3 year old and a 5 year old and I (32f) have a 4 month old. She grew up upper middle class and always got everything she wanted. The aunt then went a step further, making comparisons to a cousin who showed up two years prior, although she was eight months. I suggest an sign for your next birthday: it has been 1 year since my birthday was about Floria. She's inconsiderate of you on a night out. I said sure and I grabbed my keys and we headed out. You eat pizza instead of salad" I'd be 100% correct and 100% an asshole. AITA for telling my friend her parents bought her house, not her?. She is someone that always had issues in her life. 15K views, 146 likes, 2 loves, 12 comments, 5 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Virl video: AITA for telling my friend she's a selfish person and that she can find her own …. Learning different languages no matter what they are, is actually intellectually beneficial. And yes I know she’s a baby but it’s still her first Christmas. Well J's big complaint is that guys aren't emotionally available and can't handle her big personality. Always get everything in legal contracts signed in triplicate and both sides must be represented at all times. As you can see, she’s not the saint you guys make her up to be. Less than 24 hours before my birthday that i had been planning for weeks, my grandparents had let me use their empty beach house for the party and i already had all the decorations, food, drinks, cake, games and music to play throughout the night, etc. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: The action is I told my friend she is enabling her boyfriends toxic behaviour by the fact that she keeps making excuses for his behaviour, and won't leave the relationship when we've both established many times that he is not a good person. I tell my girlfriend when I get home and she didn't acknowledge it all, she proceeded to show me a text from her friend and that's when I decided enough is enough. She planned to go on a trip by herself. It's all matching and also goes with her wedding outfit. Your parents enabling her make them just as guilty. Your mother does not advise you well nor does she nurture you. I didn't know any other way to put this title, sorry. Secondly, you are not in the wrong for wanting to make these last days fun. But Her tone is more light and breathy. I called him an idiot, again, and told him never to talk to me again. You should (definitely not) find the gf and message her about the affair. AITA for telling my SIL she reaped what she sowed?.