300 Win Mag Load Data Hodgdon

300 Win Mag Load Data HodgdonCurious if any of you have experience with these combos. Berger Bullets, which are renowned for their high-quality accuracy, recommends using powder such as Hodgdon H1000, Alliant Reloder 22, or Vihtavuori N165 for their 300 Win Mag load data. The combination of great accuracy, low cost, mild report and absence of recoil made the M722 in. The test target they sent had a pretty light load it was a 168 SMK, with RL-19. Elmer Keith was way ahead of his time in developing everyday working and hunting loads. Hornady 225 Grain ELD M Seated to between. Using bullets from Nosler Partition, Sierra Round Nose, Barnes Round Nose. Hodgeman, my FAVORITE load for 300 Win is H4350 and the 200 grain AccuBond. 681 inches; maximum case length: 2. Your favorite 300 Win Mag accuracy loads needed. I saw a Varget formula, but it gets 3100FPS without …. will start around $25 and climb quickly to as high as $65. Winchester 296 is also recommended for 410-bore AA loads. Ramshot Magnum is in the same burning-rate range as IMR7828 or H1000. For this report, Hodgdon provided load data for several Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester handgun propellants with burn rates from medium to slow. Picking three of my favorite test rifles, each vastly different from the others, I loaded 10-round test batches in three different calibers: 6. 308 win, 165gr hornady sst, 42gr varget. The case just above the rim is. I'm about to start developing a load for hunting with 264 Win Mag out of a 26" barrel with a 1:9 twist. 357's ballistics have gradually diminished. H1000 is a much better option for the 200g ELD-X. So Frank told me to start a new. Improved Military Rifle IMR 8208 XBR. the 350 is listed as 903 ft-lbs, while the 300 Blackout is listed as 790, the 30-30 Win is listed as 781, and the 223 Rem is listed as 603. These are the bullets I’ve tried so far in the 300WM: Berger 230 grain OTM Tactical. for a 300 win mag i shot 180gr bt's with a charge of 71 gr of imr 4831 and used cci magum primers. 45 Winchester Magnum (Lee Precision Data) reloading data with 116 loads. As one of the slowest spherical powders ever developed, LRT, was created for high performance at extreme ranges. Use your IMR4064 and H414 in 22-250 or 220Swift with 55 grain bullets. 300 WSM adapts well to reduced-velocity loads. 300 Winchester Magnum (Reduced/Youth Loads - Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 3 loads. The 300 Winchester Magnum is a great choice for long range shooting and hunting not only in North America but around the globe. In 1898, Olin then founded the Western Cartridge Company to sell ammunition, providing another outlet for his Equitable Powder Company’s. Using bullets from Barnes TSX BT, Barnes TSX BT or MRX BT, Barnes TSX BT, MRX BT or BND SPIT, Barnes TSX BT, MRX BT or Banded Solid Spitzer, Barnes MRX BT or TSX BT, Barnes TSX FB, Barnes SRN. Nosler, Hornady, Berger) and just use load data they've found online via forums, social media, or the powder company's websites. Improved Military Rifle SR 4759. 0gr of Varget under 165gr Hornady SP at 2. I have a Hodgdon manual that is close to 20 years old, the data listed for the 7mm Rem Mag, H1000 and 175 grains Hornady bullet shows the starting load above the max load that Hodgdon now …. reloader 22 will give 180 gn bullets in the 300 win mag 3000+ fps with sane pressures in sporter length barrels. The 78 grain load shoots great all the time. The other cartridges for which data is available are the. PR Contact: Aaron Oelger pr@hodgdon. Yet, the cartridge generally produces less felt recoil and fits in a short action. Hodgdon H4350 Winchester CCI 250 67. Winchester 748: Accurate 2015 Hodgdon Benchmark Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon CFE 223. 44 Remington Magnum (Rifle). Be very carefull when extending your Cartridge Length over the reloading book published values as there can be dangerously huge increases in pressure. With AUTOCOMP, competitors get off faster shots with minimal muzzle flash. Vihtavuori N165 is a universal powder for magnum rifle calibers with heavy bullets. The H-4350 should work out very good for you. 300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum /. 62x66BR) is a belted, bottlenecked Magnum rifle cartridge that was introduced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1963. 300 Winchester Magnum Load Data Explore the world of Nosler, renowned for crafting the finest bullets, ammunition, rifles, and brass. The 300 WinMag really shines at 200gr and above. introduced two loadings, 180 grains at 3,060 fps and 220 grains at 2,730 fps. 270 Winchester - The Youth Load data shows a 100 grain Hornady Spire Point with 36. But I couldn’t help think that if a 284 win sends a 175 win down range at 2700fps wouldn’t it be nice to have a rem mag with a 1:8 twist that’s able to stabilize the longer higher bc bullets shoot a 180 at 2900fps. The parent case was the belted. 62x51 20″ barrel 30-06 springfield 300 prc (new) 30-378 weatherby 300 h&h magnum 300 remington short action utlra mag 300 norma magnum (new) 300 winchester magnum (new) 300 wsm 300 weatherby magnum 300 remington ultra magnum (new). Reduced Velocity 300 Win Mag Loads. Load Type Caliber Description Bullet Style Bullet Style. Open my Hornady #9 and that is the starting load. Brass: Federal GMM Full Length Resized. What powder does Barnes use in 300 Win Mag?. 300 Winchester Magnum (Lee Precision Data). 250 AB's in my 338, & 208 A-Max, & 210 Bergers in the 300. The Federal Ballistics Calculator lets you quickly determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save data for an unlimited number of loads. Using bullets from Speer, Speer Trophy Bonded Bear Claw. So, 50 years ago, and just 10 years. , introduced the new WinClean 244 double-based handgun powder in 2018, announcing that it was developed for medium handgun loads. As to whether you are safe with this load, yes but I wouldn't go much lower even in an '06. 6 mm Powder : IMR 4350 Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge, incremented in. 308) 150gr FMJBT 1) I loaded 10 rounds (have not shot them. 22 - 250 Remington: Accurate 2700 Accurate 4064 Hodgdon CFE …. The 300 Blackout data was with a 16″ barrel, and the rest were with 20″ barrels. It’s the only spherical powder in the popular 4350 burn range making it an ideal powder for a wide range of cartridges. **Loaded longer than Hodgdon's data to accommodate …. 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum). Using bullets from Sierra SP, Barnes XLC BT, Barnes TSX, Nosler BT, Nosler E-Tip, Speer BTSP, Winchester FS, Swift, Nosler AB, Hornady RN. 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) is the most popular and widely distributed of the modern crop of short magnum cartridges in terms of both factory loaded ammunition and rifles available. For shooting elk or similar sized critters a 160 to 180 grain bullet is just about ideal. The case length was chosen to be compatible with the Barnes 300-grain X Spitzer bullet. In my 264, H-1000 was spikey and inaccurate. you see from left to right: Ramshot Magnum, Hodgdon Varget, Hodgdon Retumbo, and IMR 8133. Anyone using Ramshot Magnum with a 300 win mag?. 5 C Moor, 270 Win with 150 gr, 280 Rem, 30-06 with 200 gr, 7 Rem Mag with 180 GR, 300 WSM with 200 gr I have listed here some RL-26 data for 180gr bullets in the 300WSM. N110: Similar to Hodgdon H110 and Winchester 296. 30-06 with much heavier bullets, but those bullets just aren't as aerodynamic. Learn how to use Alliant powders to achieve the best performance and …. Can be used in small rifle cartridges like the. This fabulous propellant meters flawlessly and makes lever action cartridges like the 30-30 Winchester yield velocities in excess of 100 fps over any published handloads, with even greater gains over factory ammunition. RL-22 is also an excellent powder to try. I am only interested in Hodgdon and IMR powders as they are the only ones I have access …. 338 Win Mag loads with H4350. Find load data for your cartridge. 190 grain SMK in 300 win mag. I most shot many thousands of 175 smks for years also but just working up a hunting load with the eldx's out this factory Rem. Don't overlook the old stand-by IMR 4350 behind your 180 grain pills. IMR 7828 300 Win mag? Thread starter gohring3006; Start date May 30, I used. I have run 86 aa 8700 with a 220 sierra rn before in a 300 win and it was decent, but only 2600 fps or so. I have used H4895 in my 30-06 for atleast the past 16 years so im not to fimiliar with the new powders or the reloader line of powders. 358-inch-diameter bullets have low ballistic coefficient (BC) numbers. 5 PRC, 7mm PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 PRC and 300 Win Mag. Here you will find load data for some of the most recent cartridges on the market, with more being added each week. Using bullets from Jacketed, Barnes X, Winchester Fail Safe, Lead. Working up charges: For all pistol and rifle powders load and fire a few cartridges at 10 % less (starting) charge, than is s hown, watching for any sign of excessive pressure. I know some hunters whose favorite load for their 300 WM is a load with H4831, esp with lighter bullets. I have varget but Not shooting varget with the ELDX 178's. 2 Sierra Gamechanger Load Data. Reloading data available in these calibers: 6,5 PRC 6,5 x 55 Swedish Mauser 6,5 - 284 Norma 7 mm RUM. Reloading Ammo: The Versatile. H4831SC is an Extreme extruded powder and the exact ballistic copy of H4831. Products purchased on our site are NOT FOR RESALE. 300 Win Mag">Reloading for 300 Win Mag. 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 6mm Remington,. com and find the "Data" tab, then select "H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads. Reloader's Guide Here is the alliant link for RL17 Cartridge Loads - Hodgdon Reloading Data Center - data. started at 51 gr sinve thats the max load for the 280 rem and the pressure as stated was low. 300 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data Using Winchester Powder)">. So for those interested in loading the Hornady 230 gr Atip in a 300 win mag I would suggest a 1:8 twist barrel and more free bore so the 230 isn’t so deep in the case. Retumbo works well in the 300 RUM. Or you could just always open the chamber to a. 300 Winchester Magnum: A Brief Guide. I've been using IMR 4831 powder in my 7mm Mag hand loads for the past 20 or so years. It provides outstanding performance from the popular 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag through the Remington Ultra Mags and 338 Lapua. 5 grs Remtumbo, using CCI 250 primers with the 130 AB COAL is 3. Enables reloaders to duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition. Product reviews, Load data and range testing, industry news from the pages of The IHMSA News, 300 Win mag Blow-up - Hodgdon's H-335 - Shipping Charge rip-off's Return To The. 8 Western: What You Need to Know About the. I had h4831 for my 7 mag and 300 win mag and I just switch to imr4831. 5-284 Norma and many of the smaller …. 44 Magnum levels at approximately 35,000 psi. The excellent flow characteristics allow. 300 Winchester Magnum, though both powders work best in the. Many of the rounds I load are military. Alliant 2400, Unique, and Blue dot. My father in law reloads and offered to load some up for me if I can get the. I'm thinking about trying 185 vlds in my 300 win mag, I thought about using Retumbo, but can't seem to find any load data. In Stock Item #: PCC300WM250 $1. Again because superformance has a similar burn rate to Winchester Supreme 780 and I had load data for that powder (courtesy of Hodgdon Reloading Center) and used the …. It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. In addition, it is an Extreme Powder, …. The Hodgdon powder claims to be modernized and resistant to temperature changes. The 7MM could take much heavier bullets, the rest is history, the. 300 Winchester Short Magnum Data (9. 300 win mag load with 4350. Cases will stretch, especially with hot loads, and you definitely need to check each in a …. Large map files can be cumbersome, slow to load, and take up valuable storage space. Hodgdon® Powder Company and Hornady® have teamed together to answer the reloading question; "Can I buy the powder used in Hornady Superformance factory ammunition?" Superformance delivers striking velocities in cartridges like the 22-250 Remington, 243 Winchester and 300 Winchester Short Magnum. MAGPRO is an excellent choice for belted cartridges such as the 300 Win Mag. A classic load for the 300 WM is 75 gr/H4831 w/ 180 gr bullet, but I find it somewhat less accurate than the one I listed above. Varget is an extruded propellant in the Hodgdon line of Extreme series of powders. Hornady 225 Grain ELD M Seated to …. 25-06 Remington: King of Quarter-Bores. For its weight, the 230 OTM Tactical has a relatively short nose section. Up to this point find a Low SD lo. pyro6999 wrote: i havent had any luck with 165gr bullets in either of the 300's i have owned, the 180's have always shot better. 308 yielded an average velocity of 2,893 fps. Joined Nov 24, 2019 Messages 299. For assistance, contact 300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM (NEW) 300 WSM 300 WEATHERBY MAGNUM 300 REMINGTON ULTRA MAGNUM (NEW). 300 Winchester Magnum Go Back Powder: Bullet Weight: Bullet Make: Bullet Type: Don't see a load you want to use or want to input your own? Make a New Load A database of. 32 H&R round, having a case about 1/8 inch longer. The EW is the slowest at 2890fps, then the Super America at 2930fps and the Select at 2938fps. Using bullets from Berger Match VLD Target or Match Grade VLD Hunting. 5-284 Norma and many of the smaller Weatherby Magnums. 104 !DANGEROUS LOAD-DO NOT USE! Data for burning rate decreased by 10% 24. 300 Weatherby load data for my. Today we give Hodgdon H4895 a try with Hornady 150 grain Interlock bullets. The suppressor features a tubeless and laser-welded stainless-steel design, finished. 58gr 3014 fps (primers started to show slight signs of pressure, nothing alarming) 58. The powders I have are H4350 and H4831. Accurate Arms Powder company accuratepowder. 338 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 108 loads. WC844 Original application is U. *Guidelines for reduced loads are currently being generated. 338 inch; maximum overall loaded length: 3. for 150's - H4350 or IMR 4350 165- 168's H4350, IMR 4350, H4831, Re 22 175-180's Re22, H4831, and 4000 MR 208's H1000 You got to use what you can get. The two have virtually identical case capacities. Another powder that works good is H-1000 great groups with a littel faster in speed. Lehigh Defense Load Data Library. A database of handloads for a variety of calibers. 338 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data Using IMR Powder). Powders include Accurate, Hodgdon, Vihtavuori. Using bullets from Speer SP, Barnes XFB, Hornady SP, Sierra SP, Barnes TTSX BT, Sierra HPBT, Hornady BTHP, Sierra BTHP, Nosler E-Tip, Speer MT-SP, Hornady BTSP, Nosler Part, Nosler AB. CFE BLK is a spherical powder formulated for the. 0 C Hodgdon H414 Winchester CCI 250 62. Improved Military Rifle IMR 4064. 02 grains consistency (1 kernel accuracy) with new Price per 50 rounds. H1000, Retumbo or MagPro best for 300wm?. Ideal cartridges include the 6. Quick Load predicts the pressure of around 58,000 psi. In a major win over opaque algorithmic management in. I tend to use more 100V because it uses less powder at 68. Load For 165 Grain Hornady Interlock In 300WM?. 5-284 (second from left) holds about 56 grains. I backed down to 76 gr but the primer still showed …. 0 C Vihtavuori N150 Winchester CCI 250 61. I am currently using Ramshot Magnum and the Barnes 200 LRX and the F215 primer. 300 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data Using IMR Powder). Winchester WinClean 244 is a ball powder developed for medium handgun loads. Here is what I have Once fired winchester brass will be FL resizing Hodgdon H4350 powder CCI LR Mag primers or …. 225gr copper @ 3,000'/sec with a nose cone! To get a 225gr @ 3,000fps I had to find a short bullet with short bullet bearing surface, or the excess preassure would stop me short of my goal. 5 with 200 gr ELDX rounds exclusively. Neck is throated to have a COL with a 140gr Accubond of 3. 233 issue of Handloaders Ammunition Journal Starting on page (New Powders in The. I’m just getting into hand loading and I’m going to be loading rounds for my 27” AXMC 1:10 300 win mag. 300 Winchester Magnum (also known as. 0 2716 2951 MAXIMUM CHARGE Muzzle Velocity (feet/sec) 300 Winchester Magnum START …. I can say that I've had mixed results with H-4831sc in both my 338WM, & 300WM. 300 Winchester Mag Full Length Series I 2 Die Set With Zip Spindle. A new 264 will not handle that load, to hot. 308 Winchester (right), but it was designed as a short-action cartridge more than 30 years prior to the development of the. Be thoroughly familiar with those instructions before using these loads. These load produce very consistent accuracy in my Model 1885 rifle. Remarks: maximum load; compressed charge; dia. Peterson Brass 300 Winchester Mag Unprimed Bulk Box of 250. Vihtavuori Pistol Powders: Accurate and Clean Burning. Over 1000 yards, however, the 6. Using ADG Brass (nice stuff) Federal GMM Magnum primers. 338 Lapua Magnum with 250 gr bullets, but can be used for handloading a wide variety of calibers ranging from 6,5×55 SE all the way to. A spherical powder, BL-C(2) began as a military powder used in the 7. To create reduced loads, the 60% formula is recommended. Generally this is visual observation of the fired shell case head and primer. From a max load, the usual formula (and the one recommended by Hodgdon, the powder's manufacturer) for a starting load is to reduce 10%. 300 Win Mag loads with RL26?. As we continue to rely more on digital mapping technology, it’s becoming increasingly important to optimize the size of our maps. 25 MOA’s out @ 750 Metres — in 5 Shot groups. Norma MRP and VVN165 also work awesome if you can …. 300 Holland & Holland (H&H) Magnum appeared in 1925 (known then as the Super-Thirty) and was based on the. Accurate 2015 is a fast burning, single-base, extruded rifle powder that performs very well in small to medium varmint calibers (223 Rem, 204 Ruger). ) It’s the “fastest straight-walled hunting. 300 Winchester Magnum; 300 Winchester Short Magnum; 30-06 Springfield; 30-30 Winchester; 30-378 Weatherby Magnum; 308 Norma Magnum; 308 Winchester; 325 Winchester Short Magnum; 33 Nosler; Load Data. 0 Winchester 760 Winchester CCI 250 61. 5 gr H1000 GM215M Federal Match Large Rifle Magnum Primer Gunwerks Brass 0. from a 25" Hart barrel and have experienced no pressure signs. This propellant provides true magnum. This is destined to being one of our most popular powders. Secondary Uses: Light magnum rifle. Click "Get Data" to view results. Reloaders' Guide (1995) – – Hodgdon's Basic Reloaders Manual (1996) . Best powder for LR 300 win mag. This is pure opinion here but we use 150's for short range medium game laser flat loads (-5" @ 405yds sighted @ 290yds) and 200gr+ for longer range/heavier game. rifles in 30-30 Winchester and with 110 gr. Police Tactical as well as my. If you’re loading magnum cartridges, you may be familiar with Hodgdon’s overbore cartridge powder — Retumbo. 41 Magnum comes and goes in the S&W catalog, but the company never quite let it …. 300 WSM (Reduced/Youth Loads - Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 3 loads. 44 Special loads are so mild, you can really use whatever you want to. Anybody have a pet load for 178 hpbt's? I'm shooting a LAR-8 with 26 in 1x10 twist barrel. Its burning rate is similar to Hodgdon H110 and Winchester 296, which makes it ideal for large capacity pistol calibers like. 300 Winchester Short Magnum. New cases are available from Hornady, Starline, and Winchester. At 200 yards the figures are 2636 fps and 2314 ft. 264 is that bullets much over 140gr. Consistent performance can be expected from the excellent metering properties of MAGPRO. 300 WIN MAG BULLET: 190 GR VLD BC: 0. Works great in my 7mm Rem Mag with 160gr bullets. 6 mm Powder : Hodgdon H4831 SC Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge, incremented in steps of 2. 30-caliber cartridge and announced the. Hi-Skor 700x Smokeless Powder 4 Lbs. IMR 4350 is a medium- to slow-burn rate propellant and is the number one choice for the new short magnums, both Remington and Winchester versions. 338 Norma Rogue Improved and will be fire forming brass with Lapua Brass 87. 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). According to one of my Hodgdon manuals it's a top charge in a 300 Weatherby. Using bullets from Nosler Ballistic Tip, Hornady SP, Sierra SP. In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag. 300 Remington SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum). The load was 65 gr 7828 Fed 215 and Rem case. Hodgdon Powder Company has found that H4895 can be loaded to reduced levels. They did provide data for Norma 217 and the charge weights given and the velocities were almost identical. 010" off the lands , Norma brass. Drivers in Europe net big data rights win against Uber and Ola. Barnes factory 165 ammo shoots very accurately as well, but 100 FPS slower. Ultimate Reloader LLC is not responsible for errors in load data on this. 0 4831 - respectively) -{ the Vietnam Sniper Round was Federal Cases, 190grainers over RL22 } I use Federal mag. It hammered caribou at any respectable range, 100-300 yards. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD — USE WITH CAUTION Rifle Data 300 Winchester Magnum 190 GRAIN BULLETS SECTIONAL DENSITY: 0. 5mm-284 Norma 130gr CX [PDF] 7mm PRC [PDF] 30-30 Win 175gr Sub-X [PDF] 300 PRC 190gr CX [PDF] 300 Weatherby Mag 190gr CX [PDF]. Any brand-Small Pistol (Magnum) Details. 590" OAL Apparently I have to keep the berry bullets under 1200 fps and none of my reloading manuals lists data for these specifically. Retumbo adds 40-100 fps more velocity to these cartridges …. Regardless you don't need the fill but if you want to give it a try you can get it at Neco. In addition, with heavy bullets, H1000 gives top velocity and performance in such cartridges as the 6mm-284, 257. It just seems nice for a high end hunting rifle loaded for top accuracy less than. The Winchester Treasury Load is loaded higher than industry pressure standards and is a strictly use-at-your-own-risk ammo in a. Here are the specs: 26" criterion 1:10 twist with match chamber. To provide enough head height for extreme long-range bullets, Hornady’s design gurus made the. The site also has Hodgdon BL-C(2), Winchester Staball 6. 2400 is much better than 296/110 if you want to back off of the max loads and still use the same powder. Remarks: never exceed; compressed charge; min OAL: 1. Loading density is perfect for magnums, contributing to superb uniformity. I was tempted to get some Superformance 180gn ammo for a 300 Win Mag, pull a bullet and weigh the powder. I limit 180 308's to my one-size-fits-all 30/06 load. with 210 grain Berger VLD bullets? I'm loading with IMR 4831, but also plan on some loads with Reloader 22. I am using what I have been able to get my hands on the last few months. 338 Win Mag 230 gr ELD-X ® Precision Hunter ® Item #82222 | 20/Box. Using bullets from Swift Scirocco, Swift A-Frame. This powder works good for me in my 300. Im looking for a starting point for a 300 win mag using 165 partitions. I do check my manuals but this time I made a small mistake and believe me, I will more careful. 32 Smith & Wesson Long cartridges. WC846 Original application is U. Gas checks are for improperly sized bullets in relation to the bore. TESTED: Hodgdon Retumbo – Ultimate Reloader. It’s designed for cartridges with short magazines such as the. , recoil can be reduced somewhat by switching from a maximum load of 80. 5-300 are both way over bore capacity. It is only applicable if a H4895 load …. maximum average pressure for the 218 Bee is 40,000 CUP. If you try this load in your gun, it may not feed and worse, it may feed but blow up your rifle causing injury or death. 300 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data) Metallic. 300 Winchester Magnum (Reduced/Youth Loads - Hodgdon Data) Warning! Notes: case: Winchester; bbl: 24"; PR: Winchester LR; NEVER exceed loads listed: Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. 41 Special include 2400, Unique, and Blue Dot. TMK Match165gr TGK Case/primer Hornady/ WLRM C. 62mm NATO Ball M80 and Tracer M62, typically loaded around 44-45 grains. The computer cache stores temporary data from frequently accessed websites and applications. The 165-grain TSX incorporates a shorter tangent ogive in the nose profile. Using bullets from Jacketed, XTP. 0 Hodgdon Lil' Gun Winchester Alliant 2400 Winchester CCI 300 19. 300 acc blackout 30-30 winchester (new!) 308 winchester 7. Product reviews, Load data and range testing, industry news from the pages of The IHMSA News,. Using bullets from Speer SP, Nosler BT, Hornady SP, Sierra SP, Speer GSSP, Hornady A-Max, Nosler Part, Sierra HPBT, Swift Scirocco, Hornady RN. 300 WSM (Speer Data) reloading data with 80 loads. Improved Military Rifle IMR 7828 SSC. I have no idea why subsonic loads would harm a suppressor. Hodgdon H4895 Rifle Powder. Old can of Hodgdon 4895 Reloading Powder, 4895 has been around for many years. My hunting load is IMR-4831 and 140 gr Sierra BT at max load. As far as barrel break in I personally don't believe in it. The data on this type of memory. I could get good groups with it, but velocities were marginal as compared with H-4350, & H-1000 in the same rifles. RAMs main advantage is its speed. The 38 Special +P+ Treasury Load. 5-284 NORMA BULLET: 140 GR VLD BC: 0. 0 Alliant Reloder 15 Winchester CCI 250 56. Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300 win mag 26-inch barrel with a side discharge brake 215 gr. I used the 180gr Ballistic Tip in this load for a red stag and it was a DRT …. For magnums with light- to moderate-weight bullets, it can’t be beat! Available in 1 lb. Some rifles shoot a lot of different bullets/powders well, some are very finicky. The article shows 4 but I already had data on one of the lengths so I didn't need to do that one again. Other Alliant powders suitable for the. US869 is a dense propellant that allows the shooter to use enough powder to create maximum velocities in cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra …. MissionStatement Hodgdon has ever produced. Warning; Manufacturer Loading Data; Cartrige Powder Recommendations; (Winchester Short Magnum) - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #35. In 2009, Barnes developed a new bullet specifically for use in the. Some loads I found go clear up to 71 Gr. HUNTER is a double-base, clean burning, high performance propellant that is perfect for elk country cartridges such as the 270 Winchester, 300 WSM and 338 Win Mag. This standardization can allow you to keep your powder measure loaded with the same powder, make bulk powder purchases more …. 45 were higher than Hodgdon's values, and were faster than CFE Pistol with the 230-grain bullets but not the 200-grain bullet. As others, I picked up quite a few 125gr Solid Copper bullets from American Reloading, specifically to use in 300 BLK plinking. 303 British *Cowboy may be used to make reduced loads in virtually every caliber. 0 2183 37,200 CUP Want To Buy 300 Win Mag hunting rifle. A quicker 1:14 twist eventually became more or less standard for the. They have confirmed that the entire supply of H-450 has been exhausted. Using bullets from Nosler AccuBond Long Range Spitzer. Accurate 4350® is an exceptional choice for the 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 280 Rem and 300 WSM. Current factory ammo delivers substantially less performance, i. The 270 Win will get 3,000 fps with 150's using H1000 also, oddly enough. 300 Winchester Magnum (Using 210 GR Nosler Bullets) reloading data with 9 loads. I was looking through the load data I had for 300wm and realized These powders also were sort of middle-of-the-range in the Hodgdon Reloading . Powders include Vihtavuori, IMR, Hodgdon, Alliant, Ramshot, Norma, …. Below is my load, forewarning it is getting towards the upper end of pressure in my rifle Norma Brass Fired 77gr H1000 CCI 250 3. Did Hodgdon say at subsonic velocity they see a lot of yaw? W. 308, 215, Berger Hybrid G7 #30423. Great care has been given by Hornady engineers to develop superior, match­-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X ® bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic …. I’m loading for a 300 win mag with a 180 grain TTSX. because its initial factory loads featured 150- and 175-grain bullets—and the 150’s listed muzzle velocity was 60 fps faster than the 3,200 fps of the 264’s 140-grain bullet. Extended Long Range shooters, I want to read about your 300 Win Mag loads and velocities with the 215 and 230 Berger Hybrid Target bullets, specifically for Hodgdon and IMR powders. Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady ® Precision Hunter ® factory loaded ammunition. com 6430 Vista Drive Shawnee, KS 66218 Phone: (913) 745-0776 Fax: (913) 362-1307 Press Release May 26, 2022 Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. 264 Winchester Magnum in 1958, chambered in the Winchester Model 70 Westerner. That said, my current go to load in 300WM is the 165 Barnes TTSX bullet ahead of H4831 for nearly 3,200 fps. (24") 2213sc is also good for this cartridge. From what I've done with my 280 Rem, the SF loads that work well with it are nearly identical in weight to the RL-19 and H …. It will have a 1-8 twist barrel & be finished in the 24 1/4 - 24 3/8 range. I am currently working with it in a 270 Win. Vihtavuori offers reloading data for nearly a hundred different handgun and rifle calibers and for shotgun loads, with numerous bullet options for all kinds of shooting disciplines and needs. 9 mm Luger - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Lee #19. 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, although I do feel Retumbo burns a bit dirty. By the way, Starline’s website offers. Hunting; Tactical; Target; Varmint; All Bullets; Product Line. Cartrige Powder Recommendations. According to PC Mag, ROM BIOS refers to the memory chip used on early PCs to store the software necessary to boot the computer. Powders include Accurate, Vihtavuori, IMR, Hodgdon, Alliant, Winchester. Hodgdon #26 h870 data was as follows: 129 grain--h870--- top load--76 grain-- no start load listed. 0 Vihtavuori N110 Winchester CCI 300 18. 30 caliber with magnum type performance, but its success was limited. It’s best to shoot all lead bullets outside to avoid lead fumes. 300 PRC’s case about the same length as a. The loading data gives a max charge of 78. 5g Alliant 2400 powder CCI 550 magnum primer 1. for six different lots of Hodgdon Extreme H 4831 tested in. There are a number of fine powders which work well with the. I purchased a RCBS neck turner and this has greatly helped with improving the accuracy further. Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Ammoland Inc I’m not finding any data for Barnes Tipped 180 grain bullets in. With modern, no-lube-required reloading dies. , 7mm T/CU, 7mm-08, 30-30, and 308 Win. 454 Casull is fairly straightforward and trouble-free as long as a few rules are followed. A popular long range load for the 300 Win Mag near this range is the 190 grain Berger VLD. Hodgdon Announces New Upgraded Hodgdon Load Data Center. The biggest reason I haven't played more with my 160gr 30 cal mould. Notable extruded powders included IMR-4350, IMR-4831, Hodgdon 4350, Alliant RL-19, RL-22 and Vihtavuori VV …. 300 Winchester Magnum (Swift Manual #1) reloading data with 102 loads. I did, however, find reliable data for. Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, Hornady Spire Point, Nosler Ballistic Tip, Barnes Triple-Shock X, Speer Hot-Cor SP, Hornady SST, Nosler Partition, Speer Grand Slam, Sierra MatchKing HPBT, Hornady A-Max, Sierra spitzer, Nosler AccuBond, Speer/Trophy Bonded, Swift A-Frame, Berger Long Range BT, Sierra Match BTSP, Hornady. 300 Winchester Short Magnum (Using Sierra Bullets) In developing the accompanying data, many of the best loads often resulted in low extreme spreads, often ranging from 5 to 20 fps for a 5-shot string. You do not need a LRM primer to ignite H335 which is a spherical gunpowder which ignites easily even in sub freezing temperatures. Using bullets from Sierra HPBT or SBT. 45-70 GOVERNMENT All our loading data is intended solely for use in modern weapons. Using bullets from Speer MT-SP, Nosler Partition, Sierra RN. His 45 Colt bullet was #454424 and was available for decades from Lyman. 300 Winchester Magnum (Reduced/Youth Loads. 338 Winchester Magnum Suggested Bullet Use Suggested Bullet Use Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution - Always Start With Minimum Loads. RL22 was a much faster and equally accurate powder in my 300 Win Mag. I have been loading & shooting. 1 when moving from the 175 smk to the 180 gr bullets. 357 Magnum - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Lee #1. strap assasin said: Hybrid 100V is some seriously awesome powder!! Not only does it meter well, it produces some serious velocities. The original conical bullet found in black powder 45 Colt loads from the 1870s is very close to the Lyman #454190 and the RCBS #45-255 FN. 300 Winchester Short Magnum; 30-06 Springfield; 30-30 Winchester; 30-378 Weatherby Magnum; 308 Norma Magnum; 308 Winchester; 325 Winchester Short Magnum; 33 Nosler; 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data; 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data. 5gr as max under a 190gr sierra hpbt match with 76gr as the starting load. Winchester AUTOCOMP is a ball powder designed for competition race guns. MAGNUM is the ultimate high performance magnum rifle powder. 452) We recommend that you use published lead load data from reputable sources. Warning; Manufacturer Loading Data; Cartrige Powder Recommendations;. H4350 is an extruded propellant in our Extreme series that has been one of our most popular powders with shooters for decades. With this bullet in the PRC, the maximum velocity is 3,319 fps, an increase of 374 fps. 5 prc load data h1000, 7mm prc load data, 7mm stw …. This load gave good velocities and excellent accuracy. Match primers & my best long range target load is 215 Berger’s over 69. 243 Winchester 270 Winchester 7mm Remington Mag. 5744 is characterized by excellent ignition and consistency over a very wide performance range. Primers used in the test were CCI #200 Large rifle and Winchester 9 ½ Magnum. 41 Special load data that includes most of these powders and also recipes using Winchester 572. 9 C Winchester 760 Winchester CCI 250 61. 0 C Vihtavuori N160 Winchester CCI 250 68. Hey all this is my first post here after many years of reading I finally decided to jump in and be active. WINCHESTER: CCI 500, SMALL PISTOL: Hodgdon: 700 …. Warnings for California Residents. Since it is a ball powder, it features precise metering. You gotta love 'em factory Savage rifles. The N165 powder grains are exactly the same size (1,3 mm length x 1,0 mm diameter) as. 35 Whelen a 300-yard cartridge, and for the most. But improved accuracy and tailor-made loads literally at your fingertips, you’re going to pitch more of it downrange. With bullets in the 150-180 grain weight range. I noticed visually a lot on inconsistencies in the brass neck thicknesses with the Remington brass I am using for the 300 Win Mag. 300 Win Mag, 208gr Hornady Amax, PPU once fired neck …. Winchester Smokeless Propellants, a brand licensed to Hodgdon Powder Co. (N560 with Speer 190-grain Impact), and. I'll be hunting nilgai soon and those critters are pretty tough. 22 Remington Jet Magnum: Alliant Powder 2400 Hodgdon H110 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4227 Winchester 296: Hodgdon H110 Hodgdon H4227. 8 SPC 270 Winchester 7mm Remington Mag. Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, SP, RN or FMJ, Hornady GMX, IB, SST, SP, BTSP, RN, BT. 331 # 30841: 300 Winchester Magnum Effective Game Killing - Part 2 Recoil TV shoots cold NORMA ammunition. I am getting 2935 FPS with an average 11fps variance. Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, Barnes VG FB, Nosler BT, Sierra BTSP, Swift Scirocco, Speer BTSP. 3 0 0 W in ch e ste r M a gn u m. H414/W760 is a dense ball powder and knowing this I used it in my 7mm-08 when I could not get enough H4350 in the case for near maximum velocities with 139-140 gr. About · Locations · Careers · Contact · Reloading Data . Accurate MAGPRO is a slow burning, double-base, spherical rifle powder developed specifically for the Short magnums of both Winchester (WSM) and Remington (SAUM). 258 members ( 12344mag, 160user, 10ring1, 1holeaddict, 10Glocks, 007FJ, 31 invisible), 4,380 guests, and 714 robots. I have a few questions after completing round one of the load development. That is probably because most 300 have a 10" twist rate and the surface area of the 165 grain bullets is to small for. Targeted velocities are well in excess of 100 fps over the best published handloads and even. 300 Win Mag: Rifle Cartridge Comparison Review. 500 inch and featured a 25-degree shoulder. Peterson Brass 300 Winchester Mag Unprimed Box of 50. Thread starter chain; I use Winchester brass, CCI250 Large Rifle Mag primers, 73 grains of H4831, and the 208gr Amax. Someone offered me a really good deal on H50BMG but I can’t find much load data for it on 300win mag. 44 Mag was introduced in 1955, Hercules 2400 and IMR 4227 soon became the most popular powders for. Velocities are modest, typically ranging from 650 fps to …. The 2017 300 Win Mag Barnes data for the 175 LRX / 300WM was using hotter loads than the May 2020 load data. Superperformance in 300 Win Mag. 300 WSM (Hodgdon Pressure Data) Warning! Notes: All loads from Hodgdon pressure barrel, 24-inch, one-in-10-inch twist. 300 AAC Blackout 30-30 Winchester. In addition, it is an Extreme Powder, making it perfect for big game hunting under all types of. 75 grains poly fill under a Lee 200 grain in my Remington 700 300 win mag with good success. Enter-in Hodgdon's load data: Hodgdon states 2773fps with 46. Although this is a fairly popular debate lets compare the 300 Win Mag to the 7mm Rem Mag and look at the actual numbers. Tried H4350 and found a node at 71 grains moving 2850 FPS. 8 Western case is basically a short magnum round, and magnum primers, while not required, are probably not a bad idea. 300 Savage - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #1. of muzzle energy and really puts the Hornady. 223 Remington for Service Rifle. I'm very new to reloading and currently worked one load out for my. Find what you need in six easy steps. We are currently populating the cartridge drop-down menu with updated cartridge renderings, new propellants and bullets, and links to complimentary product pages. I would try it in my 300 win mag but haven't made it yet. 458 Winchester Magnum - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #5. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive load data, the Coyote Logistics Load Board can help you find the most profit. He said he didn't have any idea what the military …. The resulting case had sufficient taper for smooth feeding, a 25-degree shoulder angle and at. 300 win, H-1000 and 208 gr A-Max. 0 Hodgdon H1000 Winchester CCI 250 73. A spherical powder, BL-C (2) began as a military powder used in the 7. 338 Winchester Magnum (Hodgdon Data) Metallic. 5 is the world’s first temperature-insensitive BALL® Powder, stable in extreme-hot or -cold conditions. I only have used Hodgdon powders for all my other loads in .